Luxuria Feel Anal

Luxuria Feel Anal is a water-based intimate lubricant specifically designed for anal hydration and lubrication before sexual intercourse. Non-greasy, does not contain fatty substances. Thanks to its exclusive formula rich in precious natural active elements, Luxuria Feel Anal prevents discomfort, burning sensations and irritations typical of intimate areas subjected to natural prolonged stress. Water-soluble product.

Safe for use with latex objects and devices, its water-based formula ensures full compatibility with condoms.

Apply the desired amount of Luxuria Feel Anal on the desired part of your body or on a sex toy and massage in.

Latex Compatible
Dermatologically tested


Luxuria Feel it’s the brand new range of personal lubricants designed and developed for your most intimate moments of pleasure. A lustful, refined and minimal and yet highly innovative range. Products ready to guide you through a long journey where pleasure will no longer be the destination, but the means that will lead you to discover new emotions and desires. You will rediscover the passion that seemed to have waned with a new playful approach and a new complicity you never felt before.

To ensure high quality standards, all compatibility and reliability tests are conducted when all the products of the”Luxuria – Secret moments of passion” range are made. This is why they are safe products suitable for everyone.

All “Luxuria – Secret moments of passion” products are dermatologically tested. Scientific analyses conducted by external research labs have confirmed their excellent compatibility with your skin and have a neutral pH value. This is why they are products suitable for frequent and ongoing use and have been developed for contact with skin and sensitive mucosae.